Broadband News 2015 February 27


FCC passes net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to approve new net neutrality rules by reclassifying broadband as a regulated public utility, …

FCC approves net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility

FCC votes to overturn state laws limiting municipal broadband plans

State laws restricting city-run broadband overruled

Wilson broadband wins major FCC ruling

The FCC, in a statement, said that provisions of a North Carolina law that limit Internet access being operated by cities were “barriers to broadband

FCC Preempts Laws Restricting Community Broadband in NC/TN

Title II Order Wrong Direction for Broadband Deployment Preempting StateBroadband Laws

Upton & Walden Comment on Municipal Broadband

Iowa Senate panel approves a different broadband bill

Terry Branstad’s highly promoted broadband legislation took an unexpected turn Thursday when a Senate economic growth subcommittee declined to …

Senate panel OKs broadband bill, but not Branstad’s

Senate abandons Branstad’s broadband plan for new bill

Broadband: Some school districts shop and save big, others stay put

If they don’t have contracts in place, Education Networks of America has threatened to pull the service it has provided under the statewide broadband

‘Clearer information needed’ on the broadband project

Clearer information is needed on the coverage and range of speeds a Scottish superfast broadband network will deliver, Audit Scotland has said.

1.5m Scottish premises can access fibre broadband, says BT

Audit Scotland sheds more precise light on broadband rollout

City praises FCC vote to overrule state laws regulating municipal broadband

The Federal Communications Commission’s decision Thursday to overrule state laws regulating municipal broadband is a major victory for Salisbury, …

FCC considers overriding state laws that hamper spread of city-owned broadband services

RALEIGH, N.C. – The Federal Communications Commission could override state laws blocking city-owned broadband companies from expanding …

FCC to hear Wilson’s broadband case, may endorse ‘net neutrality’

Broadband for America Statement on FCC Open Internet Order Vote

One-third of UK broadband connections are superfast, says Ofcom

One-third of UK broadband connections are now classed as superfast – up to 30Mbps and higher – compared with a quarter just over a year ago, …

1 in 3 UK broadband connections now superfast

Almost a third of UK broadband connections ‘superfast’

Nearly one in three UK broadband connections now superfast

Italy’s cabinet to examine broadband plan on March 3 – sources

Italy’s cabinet to examine broadband plan on March 3 – sources … up the roll-out of broadband networks across the country at a meeting on March 3, …

Underserved county looks at long road to broadband

GREENPORT — As Columbia County looks to ramp up its broadband, members of the Columbia Economic Development Corporation heard Sandy …

Don’t limit high-speed broadband to big cities

Unfortunately, public broadband networks are impeded by restrictive state laws that limit the power municipals have in providing services.

Public Knowledge Supports FCC Vote to Accelerate Municipal BroadbandDevelopment – Public Knowledge

Broadband tops list in EU’s €320.2m funding for BMW

The programme is also expected to increase broadband links to all unserved towns and villages in the BMW region by providing 583 settlements with …

UK broadband speed average passes 20Mbps, but uploads falter

The average broadband speed in the UK has reached 22.8Mbps as a third of all internet connections are now 30Mbps or higher. However, upload …

Wilson Hopes FCC Will Allow Community broadband expansion

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to take a major vote today, taking on state laws preempting municipal broadband.

Gov’t promises nationwide broadband

He said the government aimed to set up a public-private venture to develop broadband infrastructure across the country. Government agencies should …

Iridium Announces Best-in-Class Manufacturing Partners for Its Next-generation broadband Service

Additionally, Iridium plans to announce the service providers who will be qualified and approved to sell and distribute Iridium Certus broadband

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