Taiwan 5G Alliance-CHT Pilot Team Signs MoU with Korea 5G Forum


The “Taiwan 5G Alliance – CHT Pilot Team” has signed a MoU with Korea 5G Forum to leverage each other’s strengths and Promote 5G Ecosystem. The CHT Pilot team is organized by CHT under the supervision of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs. The MoU with Korea 5G Forum will establish a strategic partnership for 5G development and deployment.

Taiwan 5G Alliance-CHT Pilot Team Signs MoU with Korea 5G Forum 1

The “Taiwan 5G Alliance – CHT Pilot Team” established last year under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) is co-founded by Chunghwa Telecom, 5G Office in MoEA, the Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) and the Institute for Information Industry(III) aims to achieve pre-commercialized 5G networks in Taiwan by 2020.

Chunghwa Telecom obtained the 5G trial network license issued by NCC (telecom regulator in Taiwan) last year November. The 5G trial networks will be opened to the members of CHT Pilot Team for equipment interoperability testing and innovation applications verification to assist improve industrial competitiveness in Taiwan. CHT officials attach high priority and significance to the project. They realize the importance of establishing the 5G network in Taiwan.

5G offers high-speed transmission for mobile devices. People are increasingly migrating to mobile devices world over. It is estimated that there would be more than 20 billion connected devices by 2020, which will leap 5-fold by 2025. Leading telecommunication carriers are making progress with the 5G trials.

5G Alliance – CHT Pilot Team intends to integrate the domestic energy to lead the Taiwan industry by leveraging its existing hardware manufacturing capabilities with ICT soft power to develop innovative applications as well as laying an important position for Taiwan in the 5G global economy. South Korea is one of the leading 5G developing countries.

By establishing a partnership with Korea 5G Forum, Taiwan can accelerate it’s 5G industry development and put it in level with the international standards. 5G Forum was founded in 2013. It is a joint organization formed from the public and private partnership. More than 30 organizations, including mobile network operators, global manufacturers, research institutes, universities, and government agencies are members of the 5G Forum.. 5G Forum aims to become the leading force in the development of next-generation communications technology and contribute to the momentum of economic growth through the development of ICT industry.

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