EOLO Adopts Cisco 8000 and ASR 9003 Routers to Expand 400GbE Backbone

Italian service provider EOLO has become the first service provider in southern Europe to adopt Cisco’s advanced mass-scale networking technologies to expand the 400GbE backbone. With 8000 and ASR 9903 Series routers from Cisco, EOLO can expand national coverage areas with fixed wireless access connections.

West Bengal Announces New Broadband Policy

The eastern State of West Bengal in India has announced the broadband policy aiming at overall growth by restructuring the telecom infrastructure.  The new broadband policy aims to deliver affordable yet high quality internet services to common people.

India Adds 8.5 Million Broadband Subscribers in October

Indian service providers have added 8.5 million broadband subscribers in the month of October 2020. The reports collected by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India from 375 operators in the country revealed an increase of 1.17 % in the broadband subscribers.

WebSprix Prepares to Offer Triple-Play Services in Ethiopia

Ethiopian service provider, WebSprix is preparing to offer high-speed broadband internet access, IPTV, and voice services together. WebSprix will be the first provider in the country to offer the triple-play services. WebSprix is the first service provider to offer high-speed broadband access in Ethiopia, helping build a stronger IT infrastructure and boost economic growth. The Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution…