Basic Fiber Optics – 6





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#1. State whether the following is True or False - Attenuation in an optical fiber changes with the wavelength, that is attenuation is a wavelength dependent characteristic.

#2. How is the numbers less than 1 milliwatt expressed in attenuation measurement?

#3. What is the expanded form of BER?

#4. State whether the following statement is True or False - Active Ethernet network uses optical splitters to split optical signal

#5. A 50% loss of optical signal corresponds to which one of the following in dB?

#6. Which of the following is closest to the refractive index of silica optical fiber?

#7. 1 Megabit is equal to which one of the following?

#8. Which of the following standards is applicable for color coding?

#9. Which one of the following material is used in sheathing extrusion process in fiber optic cable manufacturing?

#10. Which one of the following is not a telecom operator?