Basic Fiber Optics – 5





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#1. In an optical communication link, an optical fiber,

#2. Which one of the following units is used for Group delay?

#3. State whether the following statement is True or False - Passive Optical Network has star topology

#4. Which one of the following is closest to the chromatic dispersion coefficient in ps/ for a single mode fiber at 1550nm, complying with G.652.D?

#5. 1310 nm can be written as

#6. What is the primary purpose of providing aramid yarns in an optical fiber cable?

#7. What is the expanded form of ODN?

#8. The delay in a signal in a unidirectional or bidirectional transmission measured in milliseconds is known as

#9. State whether the following is True or False - Higher the refractive index of a medium, higher will be speed of the light

#10. What is the expanded form of DWDM?