Basic Fiber Optics – 10





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#1. What is the upstream wavelength used in Ethernet Passive Optical Network?

#2. What is the closest value for PMD Link design value for a link operating at 40Gbps?

#3. Check True or False - FTTB is used for both Fiber to the Business and Fiber to the Building

#4. Which one of the following is an expanded form for PBT?

#5. In an optical splitter configuration, which one of the following is odd (Check the odd one)

#6. Which one of the following parameter is not identified as cable attribute in ITU-T recommendations?

#7. Which one of the following pictures is an OPGW cable?

#8. In fiber optic networks, what is the expanded form of FDF?

#9. The function of an optical splitter is

#10. What does the B stands for in abbreviated form B-PON?