Basic Fiber Optics -1





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#1. A fiber optic infrastructure development to an area or field where there are old buildings, existing duct systems, utilities and right or way is known as;

#2. In one FTTH network system management, the cost of maintenance of the network is considered as;

#3. Check whether the following statement is true or false: Cross-talk is a common problem in telecommunications using optical fibers

#4. Which of the following can be considerably reduced by using DWDM technology in a fiber optic network?

#5. Which one the following can not be tested by using an OTDR?

#6. If you want to reduce the cost of FTTH installation, which is the best place to install optical splitters

#7. Which one of the following does not fit in to the group of others in a fiber optic network?

#8. Which of the following component is used to vary (manipulate) optical power?

#9. Which of t he following technology can be used to transmit more than one wavelength in a single mode fiber?

#10. Check whether the following is True or False: Active electronics is an integral part of a Point-to-Multipoint FTTH network.