Extinction ratio and Fiber Optic Transmission by Dr. Ved Nath Jha

  https://turcomat.org/index.php/turkbilmat/article/view/4830 Really the direct and indirect effect of extinction ratio can’t be neglected with respect to fiber length for the efficient optic signal transmission. Dr. Ved Nath Jha

5G IoT by Dr. Ved Nath Jha

The virtual connection between everyone to everything in real time is actual 5G IoT-2022. -Dr.Ved Nath Jha

Best way to become optical fiber researcher by Dr.Ved Nath Jha

How to become researcher of OFC on the free of cost in any institute of India

7 Fun Things About Fiber Optic Only A Few People Know

During the latest months, a lot of people have been replacing old cabling with a new form, called fiber optic. The difference with the copper cabling system is that fiber optic cabling can ensure you a faster and more reliable internet navigation, which is essential when it comes to work and study, but also for entertainment and free-time use. Imagine…