Israel to Speed up Fiber Optic Network Deployment

The director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Communications, Shlomo Filber is forming a new strategic plan for a massive deployment of fiber optic networks to manage the bandwidths that would be demanded by the 5G applications. The Ministry’s main aim is to connect one million households to a fiber optic network by 2020. These fiber optic networks will help Israel to be on the list of the first 20 countries to adopt 5G.

FTC and Swift County to Expand Broadband Networks

Swift County and Federated Telephone Cooperative (FTC) have received 4.95 million US dollars, which is the highest award in this year’s latest round of funding for the expansion of broadband services in Minnesota.

Anacom Reports Growth of Fiber Broadband in Portugal

Anacom has published the progress report of the telecom market in Portugal. The report says that the number of Portuguese households with fiber optic coverage has reached 3.96 million in the third quarter. The National Communications Authority (Anacom) is the telecommunication regulatory authority in Portugal.

TRAI Invites Comments on BharatNet Deployment

India’s telecommunication watchdog TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued a consultation paper on rolling out the national optical fibre network (NOFN), which has been renamed ‘BharatNet’. TRAI had issued guidelines on roll out of BharatNet on April 2015. Though the watchdog had recommended measures to roll out the network for building broadband highways for ushering in Digital India,…