Vivo Launches 5G-Ready IP Transport Network in Brazil

Cisco and NEC Corporation today announced that Telefónica Vivo is deploying a simplified and automated, 5G-ready IP network for its converged mobile and fixed networks as part of the Fusion Network Project in Brazil supported by industry-leading solutions from the vendors. Cisco and NEC have been closely collaborating in Brazil for over 10 years and now are a part of a Global System Integrator Agreement (GSIA) signed in 2020, enabling them to seamlessly deploy an automated transport 5G-ready network for Telefónica Vivo.

Huawei Launches 50 Gbps E-band Solution

Huawei launched an all-new microwave solution for 50 Gbps E-band, with the goal of meeting ultra-high-bandwidth needs in dense urban areas. The transmission range of the long-reach E-band is 50% higher than the industry average, which can cover dense urban areas with just one hop.

Colt Deploys 800G technology in the L-band

Colt Technology Services delivers industry-first deployment of 800G technology in the L-band by using Ciena’s innovative technology to provision L-band wave in a terrestrial production network, enabling double the capacity offered by a single fibre pair. 

Mechanical Scientist Job in Shenzhen, China

Corning China is looking for a mechanical scientist for its Shenzhen facility in China