Vantage Plans Hyperscale Datacenter in Greater Phoenix

Vantage Data Centers has chosen Phoenix in Arizona as the place for building its next hyperscale datacenter in the United States. Fiber optic cables will be extensively used in the data center to provide highly reliable and high-speed data transfers. Greater Phoenix would host the largest data center of Vantage.

Southern Telecom Company Georgia

STI and SEIMITSU Partner to Serve Central Georgia

Southern Telecom Inc. (STI) has entered into a partnership agreement with SEIMITSU (SEIMITSU Business Technology Solutions) to deliver fiber optic services to a multinational technology company in Central Georgia. The technology company is utilizing STI’s optical fibers to connect and expand its own broadband network and support a greater customer experience across the Southeast US region. The strategic partnership with SEIMITSU will offer colocation and a new fiber route.

Sewer duct cover with word Sewer written on it

Athens City Plans Fiber Deployment Along Sewer Duct Network

Athens city news reports that the County is considering an option to lay fiber optic cables along with the sewer ducts. The long-awaited and delayed project is now expected to be in the bidding process by this year summer

Internet cables in a background of illuminated optical fibers

MIH Expects Double Digit Growth

MIH (Myanmar Information Highway) expects to achieve double digit growth this financial year, thanks to the growing demand for high-speed fiber optic broadband services in Myanmar. MIH, a joint venture between Benchachinda Group and local companies, provides broadband Internet services in the country.

Quantenna Office front door

TIME Selects Quantenna’s WiFi Chipset

California based WiFi solution provider, Quantenna’s Spartan architecture will provide high-capacity mesh Wi-Fi to TIME’s customers in Malaysia. The Malaysian telecommunication service provider TIME has selected Quantenna Communications’ QV860 chipset to power up the dual-band dual concurrent mesh extender, the WiFi Booster.


Hammer and Wikibuli Brings Broadband to Dominica

Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp and Wikibuli had reached to an agreement that would provide broadband serrvice in Dominica. Both companies through a press release announced that the transaction between them had closed as planned on 1 January, 2019.