Iran and Azerbaijan Agree to Build a New Fiber Optic Link

The Iranian news agency IRNA reports that the governments of Iran and Azerbaijan are planning to improve telecommunication links connecting the two countries. A new fiber-optic route is the outcome of discussions between the members of ministries of both nations. Azerbaijan’s Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Ramin Guluzade revealed the government plans to the press agencies.


Is Cumulus Linux and White Box Switch Combination A Good Idea?

Today, enterprise organizations are facing the challenges of highly dynamic computing, storage and networking needs than ever before. They want to build data centers with efficiency, scalability, and flexibility for these increasing demands. In this quest for the perfect solution, an approach has been proposed, that is to deploy white box switch with Cumulus Linux operating system (OS). Is it a…


Network OS Systems for Bare Metal Switch

As you may know that a network switch with no network operating system (NOS) is referred to as a bare metal switch. Unlike a white box switch with the vendor’s own or 3rd party already loaded NOS, a bare metal switch allows you to load a network OS according to your own will. After installing the NOS, these two types…


What is the Right Router to Switch Connection Diagram?

There are some different ways to set up a network connection, but the most reliable way is to use both the router and the switch. Well, do you know the right router to switch connection diagram? This article will give a clear explanation for the router, the switch and the router to switch connection diagram. What Are Switches and Routers?…


Fiber SFP Module Compatibility with APC, UPC, PC

APC, UPC, PC are different polishing types of fiber patch cable connectors. And we always hear the description like LC UPC/APC duplex single-mode patch cables. What exactly are they, and which fiber connector can work with your fiber SFP module? Here introduces the definitions of the connectors, and explains the SFP module compatibility with APC, UPC, PC connectors. What Does APC, UPC, PC…