Copper Cable vs Fibre Optic Cable Price, Is the Copper Really Cheaper?

Budget is always the most direct choice factor when installing cables. Copper cable vs fibre optic cable price, it’s true that the popular impression is that copper is cheap, fibre is expensive. Well, at a certain period in the past decades, it’s true. However, today with the development of networking, is copper cabling really cheaper than fibre optic cabling? Copper vs Fibre: What’s the Difference? Copper and fibre optic…

Wakhan Corridor fiber optic connectivity project

Afghanistan Fiber Project Nears Completion

Afghanistan’s much awaited and ambitious fiber optic connectivity project is at its final stage and is estimated to be completed in seven months. Officials from the Afghan Telecom expressed their hope in slashing internet service prices once the fiber optic network is commissioned and put into operation. The project will connect Afghanistan and China via the Wakhan port. Afghanistan is…

Seaside resorts in Meedhoo island in Maldives

Dhiraagu Reaches to R.Meedhoo with Fiber

Maldivian telecommunication service provider Dhiraagu expands fiber optic network to the island of Meedhoo. Dhiraagu will provide high-speed internet and IPTV services to the customers in the island. High-speed internet and IPTV services will be now close to the potential customers, states a press release issued on December 25 by Dhiraagu. Apart from R. Meedhoo, two other islands of R…

Train in Taiwan

TRA Plans Upgrade of Fiber Networks

Taipei Times reports that the TRA (The Taiwan Railways Administration) has decided to upgrade its nationwide fiber-optic network. TRA made plans for the complete transformation of its network within the next four years. The cost of the upgrade is estimated at around US$ 23 million.

DR Clown Foundation Poland office building

T-Mobile Serves Fiber Broadband to Dr Clown Foundation

Poland’s T-Mobile says Dr Clown Foundation has become its first commercial client for the fiber optic broadband service. As T-Mobile has been implementing its strategy to transform from mobile to convergence operator to a fiber-optic internet service provider in Poland.

Access Control List Linux:How Much Do You Know?

Traditional Linux networking is satisfied for most situations when employed in a network switch, router or other network devices. However, it still has some limitations such as the problem of UNIX file permissions, which affects network security. Luckily, Access Control List (ACL) has been developed, which is designed to make a flexible permission mechanism in Linux. Well, what is ACL…