Comparison of SFP switches

12-Port 10GbE SFP+ Switch Recommendation

Nowadays, network users tend to have multiple requirements on a single network switch, especially on the functions and ports. Much evidence shows that the 10GbE SFP+ switch is getting more popular with greater demand. Listed below are some typical examples gathered from different forums on what switch they really need: – “I want a 10G switch (8 or 12 SFP+…

Inter-Korean Communication Link will be Upgraded with Fiber Optic Cables

Political conflicts apart, the two Koreas has agreed to improve on the communication network, which is believed to be a great step toward peace and harmony in the peninsula. In a landmark agreement, the two Koreas will start reconstruction of the existing copper communication links by upgrading them to fiber optic links.

SEACOM Acquires FibreCo

Africa based submarine and terrestrial communication network provider SEACOM has concluded a sale agreement for the 100% acquisition of FibreCo Telecommunications by its affiliate SEACOM South Africa . FibreCo owns and operates a national open access dark fibre network, providing infrastructure, connectivity and services across South Africa. The acquisition is subject to approval by the South African Competition Commission.

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Ethernet Switch vs Hub vs Splitter: What’s the Difference?

Ethernet switch, hub, and splitter all are networking devices that are designed to connect computers, other network devices, or even other networks. However, each of them has its special merits and drawbacks. Then, what on earth are they and what’s the difference between them? In this article, we will explore the Ethernet switch vs hub vs splitter. Ethernet Switch vs…

FS S5850-32S2Q 10GbE 32-Port Switch With Two 40G QSFP+ Uplinks

The network switch has become unprecedented important in today’s networking market for its rapid update in performance. In the meanwhile, network users tend to have more requirements on a single switch, such as more port numbers, bigger switching capacity, higher bandwidth, etc. Here, we will introduce FS S5850-32S2Q 10GbE 32-port switch featuring all these requirements. FS S5850-32S2Q 10GbE 32-Port Switch…

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Chorus Fiber Reaches to Half A Million Subscribers in New Zealand

Chorus in a media release said that the demand for fiber connectivity has been strong for some time, but it has noticed a surge in demand in recent months. It was in April 2018, that the operator revealed the status of fiber connectivity, where the number of fiber customers was 400,000. Fiber deployments were rapidly progressing, but it has surprisingly surged and the provider has been able to meet the pressure from the market. Within approximately six months, around 100,000 numbers of fiber connections were done by its installation crew! This number corresponds to more than 5,500 fiber connections a day!