How Much Do You Know About Dispersion in Optical Transceiver?

For an optical transceiver, dispersion also is the factor not to be ignored. Maybe many people are unfamiliar with this term and have little knowledge of what impacts it has on the optical transceiver module. Then Gigalight will have an introduction to it in this article from these comprehensive perspectives. What is the Dispersion? Dispersion is a kind of physical…

MASMOVIL Fiber Network Reaches to 11 Million Spanish Households

MASMOVIL Group in a press release said their fober optic network had reached 11 million households in Spain. The Company can commercialize the most attractive fiber optic convergent offer of the Spanish market, throughout its brands: Yoigo, MASMOVIL and Pepephone. The company covers all the Spanish provinces with its fiber offer.

Do You Really Know SDI(Serial Digital Interface) in These Aspects?

Maybe most of the people have a knowledge of SDI(Serial Digital Interface), but when it really comes into it, how many people are there indeed familiar with it? Then today, Gigalight will make a comprehensive introduction to you about it in these aspects. What is SDI? SDI (Serial Digital Interface) is a digital video interface standard made by SMPTE organization….

Comparison of 3G-SDI Video Devices and 3G-SDI Video SFP Optics

With the popularization of optic fiber communication, the adoption of optic fiber for high-definition video transmission has been the reality. Furthermore, there appear various video optical terminal devices in the market. The commonly-seen types include HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface), HD-SDI(High Definition – Serial Digital Interface), HD-CVI(High Definition Composite Video Interface), etc. Then about 3G-SDI, how much do you know about…