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An Introduction to the Advantages of CFP4

With the continuous upgrade of the network from 10G-40G-100G, 40G and 100G optical components are also widely applied in various fields. According to the market demands on high bandwidth, transmission rate/distance, etc, it seems that 100G products are more suitable for the market trend than 40G products. It is believed that 100G products will continuously prevail in the market. In…

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200G and 400G: Which One Will Be the Rising Star in the Market after 100G optics?

With the rapid development of optical communication and Internet in recent years, users’ demand for the network has also surged, which leads to the rapid growth of Telecom backbone traffic at a speed of 50% to 80% per year. In order to follow the development trend of 10G-40G-100G/10G-25G-100G in the optical communication market, 100G optical module arises with the trend…

Dense Wavelength division multiplexing

Do You Know These Advantages of CWDM?

With the development of data communication and telecommunication technology, the intention of MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)is no longer relative to the wide area network. Due to the high bandwidth and data transmission transparency of DWDM(Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) tech, people naturally hope to introduce DWDM as the platform of MAN. However, in the MAN, an optical amplifier is not needed on…

5G Wireless network

What Does 5G Mean for Optical Communication Industry: Opportunities or Challenges?

With the wave of digital transformation, communication technology has become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life in the national economy. After that 5G is the future of the communication industry. However, what does 5G mean for optical communication industry: opportunities or challenges? Undoubtedly, 5G surely promotes the development of the optical industry….

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Why to Deploy 100G and What Are the Challenges?

With the acceleration and popularization of high-definition video, online games, cloud computing, and the Internet of things, the era of big data, network bandwidth will usher in unprecedented challenges. The pressure of these high bandwidth businesses on the network is particularly evident on the backbone network. The 10G/40G technology commonly used in the current network has been unable to meet…


Solutions for 100G Ethernet You Should Know: QSFP28 Series Optics

With the upgrade of the network from 10G/25G to 100G, 100G Ethernet begins to prevail in the optical communication industry. After that, various solutions appear for 100G Ethernet, in which CFP series and QSFP28 series optical transceiver are regarded as the two main solutions. However, by comparison, QSFP28 series is seemingly preferred by most data center users for the upgrade…