Color Code Standard of Ethernet Cable – T-568B and T-568A

Ethernet cables are the standard cables used for almost all purposes that are often called patch cables. In an article “How to Choose Ethernet Cable”, we know that Ethernet cables can be categorized into many types, like straight-through and crossover Ethernet cable, UTP or STP, Cat5 or Cat6, etc. But we know little about the pins and wiring in Ethernet cables and RJ45 plugs.

SFP+ DAC Cables for Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series Switch

The Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series provides scalable, fixed-campus aggregation solutions in space-constrained environments. As you can see from the picture below, Cisco 4500-X Series Switch is available in three versions—32-port, 16-port, and 8-port. An additional 8 ports of 1000BASE-X (SFP) or 10GBASE-X (SFP+) are also available in a removable Ethernet uplink module that mounts in a bay on the front of the switch chassis, and the uplink module is hot-swappable. Both 32-port and 16-port versions can be configured with optional network modules and maintain similar features and scalability.

Introduction to Fiber Optic Data Links

As a communications subsystem, a fiber optic data link connects inputs and outputs (I/O) from electronic subsystems and transmits these signals over fiber optic cables. More specifically, this data link converts an electrical input signal into an optical signal, then sends the optical signal over an optical fiber, and finally converts the optical signal back to an electrical signal, actually…

Decoding the Wavelength in Fiber Optics

The wavelength, as we have been heard so many times in fiber optics, is not simply the term used to refine the color of the light. The light used in fiber optics is not the one that we can see by our eyes, as we use light in the infrared region which has wavelengths longer than visible light, typically around 850nm, 1300nm, 1550nm