Glo 1 Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Lands in Ghana

Glo 1, a high capacity undersea fiber-optic cable, has today connected Ghana to West Africa and Europe. The 9,800km long submarine cable network, the first project of its kind to be executed entirely by a single organization, berthed on the beaches of Osu, in Accra.

Verizon Decides to Deploy MDU Cables from OFS

We heard such a good news from OFS press release that Verizon Communications Inc. had decided to procure and install OFS’ EZ-Bend® multiple dwelling units (MDU) drop cable which Verizon will use in their MDU FIOS applications.   OFS’ leading MDU drop cables will support cost economical installation of fiber to the home or fiber to the building. Optical fiber deployments at the premises have to be cost-effective in order to make it attractive to the subscribers.

DSM and Telcordia to Drive Microbending Specification for Optical Fiber

Press release from DSM Desotech: In light of growing broadband bandwidth demand and increased deployment of optical fiber networks worldwide, DSM Desotech, a global leader in the development and supply of UV-curable fiber optic materials, announced today an agreement to work with Telcordia Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of telecommunications network software and services to the global telecom market, on…