Emtelle-CTTS Collaboration Offers FTTx Training

The UK based Emtelle in partnership with CTTS (Cable Telecommunications Training Services Ltd) has started offering FTTx training programs.

Emtelle is one the leading global manufacturers of duct and fiber optic cable solutions and CTTS has already been established itself in the market as a leading cable installation training company.

Emtelle’s pre-connectorized blown fiber cable solutions have been widely deployed in FTTx networks. Emtelle duct solutions cater services to telecom and utility segments.

CTTS is a pioneer in the UK to provide Telecommunications industry sector training. CTTS has unrivaled and established links and routes into employment with our guaranteed unique employer engagement program enabling the best start possible for our clients seeking employment. This is complemented with over 25 years’ experience of providing award-winning resettlement training.

The new collaboration team will help customers optimize the performance of their networks with the expertise from Emtelle in developing innovative solutions and CTTS’ experience in delivering all aspects of cabling and telecoms technology training. The new team will cover the entire chain of fiber optic projects from the concept through to the installation.

The training packages cover the latest blown fiber, ducted and cabling solutions that have been developed and are being deployed around the world. Training on Emtelle’s power protect solution is also available, addressing the shift of power and telecommunications moving closer together to fulfill the requirements of HV and LV duct installation practices, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

CTTS has been supplying bespoke telecommunications training packages for major network operators for the last 25 years, making it the ideal partner for Emtelle. It offers a variety of packages to Emtelle’s clients looking to develop their skills in fiber placement and provides training on the latest fiber and cable solutions from Emtelle.

CTTS offers personalized training packages to suit all ranges of experience, taking into account any previous training an individual may have had. Within the training packages, Emtelle’s customers can choose whether to arrange training at their own premises or at CTTS’ dedicated training center with overhead, underground and Multi-dwelling units (MDU) / data cabling training areas. In addition, customers have the option to attend Training Needs Analysis (TNA) meetings or bring their own blowing equipment or Gas detector Unit (GDU) and become an expert in the equipment that they use day-to-day.

The available packages range from Emtelle solution-specific training – including the revolutionary pre-connectorized cabling system QWKconnect – to general fiber and cabling training and further industry-related requirements training.

Emtelle is at the forefront of the fiber-to-the-X industry, having assisted all the key players with quality & reliable fiber & duct solutions for deployments worldwide.
With operations in the UK, Germany and Denmark, as well as sales offices in The Netherlands, Sweden, Eastern Europe & Malaysia, Emtelle serve over 100 countries globally to multiple sectors including telecommunications and power. Emtelle’s experience is unrivaled, proven by the company’s continuous innovation and growth of the well-renowned solutions that continue to be deployed in networks globally.

Having dominated the blown fiber & ducted solution manufacturing space since its inception, Emtelle has pioneered some of the most innovative solutions within the industry as the company has advanced over the past three decades. These manufactured solutions focus on creating the best value, reducing total project costs, and minimizing installation time and disruption.

Emtelle not only pride themselves on quality solution manufacture, but Emtelle also offers the full solution in terms of solution supply, customer service, support and training, from initial concept to installation and beyond. The highest standard of excellence is provided by Emtelle throughout all its activities by using the company’s production capacity and technical knowledge to develop, perfect & sustain the optimum solutions; the entire Emtelle offering adds value to FTTX networks around the world.

Cable Telecommunications Training Services (CTTS) is Europe’s largest independent training provider in communications cabling and telecommunications technology. CTTS provides resettlement training, corporate training, and individual career progression. With a twenty-five-year history of supplying award-winning bespoke telecommunications training packages for major network operators. CTTS is a tier 1 supplier for Openreach L & D, our internationally renowned, award-winning program design team are fully equipped to provide a rapid response to your training needs.

CTTS runs a regular schedule of courses including Fibre to the Home, Fibre Optics, Core, Metropolitan and Access Networks. The CTTS initiative Skills for a Digital Britain provides a range of cutting-edge courses for new engineers and technicians. CTTS provides a number of career progression training courses for individuals looking for a career change, including men and women leaving the Armed Forces and those looking to improve their skillset.

CTTS also design bespoke customized courses for clients who have specific training needs and companies frequently engage CTTS to support staff induction and upskilling of their workforce. CTTS is an Openreach Chief engineers Office Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) training and accreditation Centre.

CTTS is supported by the major equipment vendors and passive optical network component manufacturers. At the state-of-the-art National Training Centre, CTTS has a world-class infrastructure of live systems and operational networks for realistic training and product evaluation. We can provide a complete end-to-end training solution from the central office to subscribers’ premises.

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