Test and measurement

Finisar Introduces Portable Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Optical components and subsystems manufacturer, Finisar has introduced a new equipment for analyzing optcial spectrum. The portable equipment named, WaveAnalyzer™ 200A is a compact unit powered by batteries with touch screen. WaveAnalyzer 200A is designed for spectral measurements in advanced optical communication systems in the R&D laboratory as well as installation, maintenance and troubleshooting applications in networks and data centers….

Test and measurement

 Fiber Optic Power Meter

Important specifications for fiber optic power meters include wavelength range, optical power range, power resolution, and power accuracy. Some devices are rack-mounted or handheld. Today we will focus on fiber optic power meters. What does the Optical Power Meter (OPM)mean? An optical power meter (OPM) is a device used to measure the power in an optical signal. The term usually refers to a device for…

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Testing of Fiber Optic Connection

Different fibers and different connectors fiber adapter panels to choose.such as Fiber Adapter Panels and Customized Rack-Mount Fiber Patch Panels. Currently, MTP/MPO cabling system helps ease the migration to 40 / 100G networks.  The next step we will have to do is to see if the specific fiber link we are using is working properly. To finish the test, two techniques…

Test and measurement

Proximus Selects VIAVI Fiber Monitoring System

VIAVI Solutions announced that Belgian telecommunications company Proximus has selected it’s Fiber Monitoring System for VIAVI ONMSi Optical Network Monitoring System to test and monitor Proximus’s expanding fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network at the build-out stage to help maintain quality and reliability.

Compatible Test of Cisco QSFP-40G-SR4 Optics

When purchasing the third party optics, customers usually suffer from the poor quality and compatibility issue, which is the major obstacle of OEM market. Just as a saying goes, what is good is not cheap. However, this article will prove that the cost-effective OEM optics from FS.COM are well worth the penny. Like other suppliers, FS.COM is also a professional…

Learning Five Ways to Test Fiber Optic Cables 1

Learning Five Ways to Test Fiber Optic Cables

Generally speaking, five ways are listed in various international standards from the EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC to test installed cable plants. The first three of them use test sources and power meters to make the measurement, while the last two use an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR). Let’s first see the different results from these methods, and then delve into each one.