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Avaya Telecom Engineer in Jacksonville

Job Description
Job is located in Jacksonville, FL.

Avaya Telecom Engineer
Apex Systems, the nation’s 2nd largest Information Technology Staffing organization, has 2 openings for Senior JavaScript UI Developers to work with technologies including jQuery, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Ember.js, CSS3, HTML5, and other technologies to build digital dashboard applications for desktops, tablets, and mobiles using responsive web design and the most advanced UX tools for a new globally situated Interactive Design Services group, which was founded to create new ways for individuals to manage their health care choices and costs. These opportunities are 6 month contract-to-hire roles, with a salary range of 100-120K depending on experience and skills, with additional compensation potential.

This is a permanent opportunity located in Jacksonville, FL. If interested, please forward resumes to Michelle Pavese [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]. Please note that only qualified candidates with Avaya experience will be contacted.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Systems Design:

Participate in meetings along with Sr. Staff and business clients to gather and document overall system requirements.
Performs easy to moderate level system architectural and functionality design.
Actively seeks out opportunity to assist with projects.
Actively requests to be part of the process.
Contributes to any aspect of the design process upon request.
Systems Installation:

Participates in or performs on-site and/or remote installation of telecommunications systems, to include physical system installation, connection of telecom or associated/related systems (voice-mail, paging, MOH, other adjunct devices) services and systems, system hardware and software configuration (routing, auto-attendants, etc.), testing and end-user or administrator training.
Assists with the performance and completion of any adjunct services not directly provided by the department (hardware, operating system, application software, or professional services) necessary to prepare or complete the installation of required business systems.
Performs installation, updates, and service-affecting changes during after-business-hours periods as necessary to prevent adversely affecting critical business systems or processes.
Systems Troubleshooting/Repair:

Performs troubleshooting of simple to moderate service issues associated with local and remote phone systems and adjunct subsystems or components.
Proactively monitors systems and performs basic troubleshooting without assistance and understands when to escalate and seek help.
On a weekly rotating basis, provides on-call, after-hours and weekend assistance to other IT support personnel or clients as required to return systems to either complete or client-accepted operational state.
Systems Administration:

Performs standard level system administration tasks, to include call routing, line and trunk group assignments, station assignments with COS/COR, and line utilization optimization.
Performs entry level vector routing and call routing queues.
Catalog and monitor all technical system information and maintenance contract details necessary to accurately portray the state of the company’s telecommunications system environment (both local and remote systems).

Core Job Knowledge

Demonstrates an understanding of core US-standard telecommunications service technical concepts to include: analog, digital/TDM, and IP/SIP-based wire-line voice and data services.
Demonstrates a working knowledge in wiring standards, color codes, and ability to troubleshoot and/or isolate wiring issues from hardware issues with little/to no assistance.
Demonstrates a basic knowledge of telecommunication delivery systems by accurately and effectively communicating technical service requirements to third-party vendors as necessary to efficiently and successfully resolve issues in systems not under our direct support.
Demonstrates an understanding of Local and Wide Area IP networking fundamentals, to include: IP network structures (e.g. sub-netting), hardware components and requirements, quality of service requirements, and fundamental troubleshooting tools for wired and wireless Ethernet-based networks.
Exhibits basic analytical/troubleshooting skills by consistently and accurately locating malfunctioning component(s) in a timely manner utilizing effective research and evaluation techniques with minimal to no assistance.
Exhibits active participation in all departmental processes and meetings, and willingly accepting assigned tasks or projects and following them through to successful completion.
Demonstrates knowledge and operating skills by using the following tools to effectively and efficiently troubleshoot telecommunication systems and services:
AC/DC Multi-meter
Test Set
Tone probe kit
LAN Test Set
IP Networking Evaluation Utilities (ping, tracert, ipconfig, arp, net, netstat, nbtstat, nslookup)
Avaya CM Evaluation Utilities (list trace, refresh, set, clear, campon-busyout, relase, etc).

Specific Job Knowledge

Demonstrates an understanding of standard circuit setup and operation by accurately describing the general operating principles for the following trunk types:
Analog (loop & ground start)
Standard T-1
SIP and H.323
Demonstrates an understanding of common interfacing technologies by accurately describing the general operating principles necessary to successfully implement interactions to the following types of adjunct systems:
Music-On-Hold sources
Trunk and Station-side paging systems
External access control systems
Voicemail systems
Digital and IP-based voice recording systems
Call detail reporting tools
CMS and/or AACC reporting tools
Avaya Specific Job Knowledge

Demonstrates basic understanding of the Avaya Enterprise system by correctly implementing and consistently documenting:
System components (analog/digital/IP/pseudo stations and trunks)
Grouping components (agent definitions, hunt groups, queues, skill sets)
Trunk components (trunk groups, ICT and ARS tables)
Voicemail components (mailboxes, speech-to-text conversion, mailbox duplication)
Contact Center components (voice, email, fax, IM setup and routing)
Adjunct components (One-X Attendant, One-X Communicator, IP Agent)
AACC and AAAD system applications
Software patch installation on all telecommunication systems
Demonstrates basic understanding of the Avaya IP Partner software by correctly implementing and consistently documenting:
System components (analog/digital/IP stations and trunks)
Grouping components (calling groups, trunk groups)
Control components (IP management access and auto attendant routing)
Voicemail components (mailbox definitions and access controls)
Software installation on IP Partner
Demonstrates a working knowledge of the following Avaya System Administration tools by implementing advanced configuration changes and/or reporting using:
Avaya Site Administration
CMS Supervisor
CMS Administration
Meeting Exchange Administration
AACC administration
AAAD (Avaya Aura Agent Desktop)

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