Map showing Europe, North America and South America with lines indicating the routes of Bursa and Marea submarine fiber optic cable through the Atlantic ocean

BRUSA Submarine Cable Achieves 160 Tbps Using WaveLogic 5 From Ciena

BRUSA submarine cable achieves record network performance accomplishing 550 Gbps channel speeds across 10,200 kilometers. This corresponds to a total transmission capacity of 160 Terabits per second.

fiber optic cable network

Airtel Builds the Largest Photonic Control Plane Networks in India

India’s leading telecommunication service provider, Airtel is deploying Ciena’s Coherent optical and intelligent software platforms to build one of the World’s Largest Photonic Control Plane networks in the country. Ciena solutions will help Airtel to accomplish optical transmission over the network spanning more than 130,000 kilometers connecting 4000 plus towns across India. The ultra-fast delivery data over 4G, 5G and…