8, 24, 48 Port Switch Recommendations

There are multiple switches in the market and their count of ports can come with 8, 12, 24, 48, etc. Among them, 8, 24, 48 port switch are more commonly used. Well, what should be considered before buying 8, 24, 48 port switch? Are there any recommendations for it?


Comparison of FS.COM S3900 Series Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Gigabit Ethernet switch is an essential part of communication systems. It is widely used as the access layer switch, which facilitates the connection of end node devices to the network. The Gigabit Ethernet switches on the market mainly differ in port and function. Then which to choose from so many options of Gigabit switches on the market? FS newly launched the…

diagram of inter VLAN routing

Inter VLAN Routing Layer 3 Switch vs Router: Which One to Choose?

VLAN plays a significant role in network build and management. With the development of VLAN technology, different VLANs can communicate with each other by inter VLAN routing. And inter VLAN routing is achieved by using inter VLAN routing layer 3 switch or router. Well, which one to choose between them to carry out inter VLAN routing? This article will expound…

a diagram showing the comparison of unmanaged, websmart and managed switches

Switch Definition In Networking Explained

When it comes to networking technology, we won’t miss Ethernet switches. Because it is an essential part of networking communication. Connecting devices, such as computers, routers, and servers, together on a network, it enables current to be turned on and off and selects a channel for data transmission. Then you may ask, what is the switch definition in networking? What are the types of…