undersea fiber optics

FLY-LION III Lands in Mayotte

The consortium members of the FLY-LION III (Lower Indian Ocean Network) submarine cable system has completed the deployment of a new submarine fiber optic cable. The 400 km long new link owned by a consortium in which Orange is a partner, connects Moroni in Grande Comore and Mamoudzou in Mayotte. Apart from Orange, the consortium includes partners, Société Réunionnaise du…

undersea fiber optics

Seabras-1 and AEConnect Join to Provide Connectivity Between Europe and South America

A new route of submarine fiber cable will be created by the collaboration of two submarine cable operators Seaborn Networks and Aqua Comms. The US based Seaborn Network’s Seabras-1 Connecting Sao Paulo in Brazil and the New Jersey in the United States will interconnect with Aqua Comms’ AEConnect submarine system that connects New York, Dublin and London. The inter connection at New Jersey will provide connectivity between Latin America and the Western Europe.

Submarine Cable to Connect Malta with European Mainland

A fund of Euro 100,000 has been allotted to carry out a feasibility study on a new submarine fiber optic cable that will connect Malta with the European mainland. Parliamentary secretary Jose Herrera today launched a feasibility study that aims to investigate the possibility of a new submarine fiber optic cable between Malta and the European mainland. Currently, there is…