Fiber Optic Market News 29 February 2016

Cape Town fibre trial hits 400Gbps download speed The Mother City may be in danger of losing its capital status if Parliament decides to shift “oop north” (as we say where I come from), but it’s just put in a claim to the throne of Queen of Broadband connectivity. Tests on the Cape Town metro fiber network just proved that it’s capable…

Vox Telecom Acquires FrogFoot Networks

South Africa based Vox Telecom will acquire Internet services company Frogfoot Networks as part of its plan to build its own fiber optic network to serve business clients in South Africa. Vox Telecom in a statement said, the current acquisition will enable the company fast tracking its own fiber strategy by leveraging the existing skills, processes and the installed fiber…

africa map with fiber optic image on background

Mweb Offers New FTTH Package

South Africa’s internet service provider Mweb has introduced new fiber to the home packages that include a free DStv Explora, a free router, free installation, and free night-time data, at prices ranging from ZAR 999 to ZAR 2,849 per month. The packages include 300 MB of Wi-Fi data at AlwaysOn hotspots and free calls to Mweb Talk numbers. The new…

africa map with fiber optic image on background

CFI Brings Fiber Optic Broadband to Constantia

Mowbray based South African communication network solution provider, Constantia Fibre Initiative (CFI) had announced that they will deploy optical fiber cables to connect to all the 3,500 houses in Constantia in 2015. Residents in Constantia will be able to sign up for the fiber optic broadband services. With a population of around 12,600 Constantia is a suburb of Cape Town,…

Seacom Signs Service Agreement with Telecomunicações de Moçambique

Submarine cable operator Seacom has signed a master services agreement with a Mozambican service provider, Telecomunicações de Moçambique to provide access to the largest fiber optic network in Mozambique. Sources in Seacom said the agreement would give them and their customers access to the largest and most distributed fiber optic network in Mozambique. In addition, the agreement will open up a diverse route into Zimbabwe and a border presence in Malawi and South Africa.

Fiber Optic Network Links Mozambique and South Africa

The small gap in the fiber optic link between South Africa and Mozambique has now been closed. Fiber optic cables crossing Mozambique and South Africa border has been installed and commissioned. People are looking to see whether Telkom SA (South Africa) offers rates that are sufficiently cheap to be competitive with satellite, something it has not offered Lesotho and Namibia’s incumbent telecom operators.