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Construction Begins for Jasper Fiber Optic Network

Smithville has started construction of the fiber optic network in the city of Jasper. The next generation network to deliver high speed broadband services to the residents and businesses in the city will be built by Smithville Communications and its subsidiary. After completing the multi-year project is complete, Jasper residents will have access to a full gigabit fiber optic network,…

optical fibers coming from the aerial pole to a home

Smithville Completes First Phase of FTTH Overbuild

Smithville, a privately held telecom provider in Indiana, had completed the first segment of an FTTH overbuild valued at more than $100 million for all of its residential customers. The technology will allow Smithville’s customers access to faster broadband services, including a 100-Mbps package. The company says it is the first ISP in the Midwest to offer speeds higher than 50-Mbps for residential customers.