Cat6 Patch Panel: used for Cat6 cable management

Cat6 Patch Panel vs Cat6a: Difference and Usage

Patch panels are always the indispensable component of tidy and neat cabling system in the data center. There are many Ethernet patch panel types available on the market. According to different cable types, there are different patch panels, such as the cat6 patch panel and cat6a patch panel. Then what’s cat6 and cat6a patch panel? Will Cat6 patch panel work…

server racks in a data center

Server Rack Cable Management: What Is the Best Practice?

Data centers today consist of rows of server racks and network cabinets to support an abundance of data cables, power cords, and network devices. Deliver proficient cable management within a confined and tightly-spaced server rack is quite difficult. However, cable management is no longer a nightmare if you follow the right guide and work with some test-and-tried tools. Here we’d…

Rack and Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel

Introduction to Fiber Patch Panel

People always say that the patch panel is the “unsung hero” in the data center. It’s pretty vivid. Because there is no doubt that the patch panel is an indispensable component of the simple and tidy cable management. Usually, it is used in two kinds of cabling system, fiber, and copper cabling systems. Therefore, it can be divided into two…

Cables are connected to the patch panel

What is the Function of Patch Panel?

As we know, the patch panel is a passive device with a number of ports. It’s a cable management tool that most frequently used, typically in a data center. However, for some people, they are still confused about the function of a patch panel, and post questions on a forum such as what is the purpose of the patch panel in networking, why not connect end device directly…

Figure 1: Patch panels in a rack for managing the fiber and copper cables

Cable Management Bar: What Role it Plays in Rack Cable Management

I think it’s safe to say that in most data centers or server rooms, cable clutter is an annoying issue that’s hard to ignore. In recent years, more and more data centers and server rooms feature high density and large capacity, usually accompanied by a large number of copper cables or fiber optic patch cables to connect the entire network….

cat6 patch panel cabling

Will Cat6 Patch Panel Work with Cat6a Cable?

As information technology develops, we have to upgrade our network products such as cables, patch panels, etc. Besides, to reduce our data center’s cost, we are tempted to use the old and new ones to make a mixed connection. For instance, run Cat6a cables on Cat6 patch panel. However, does it work? Is it a reliable connection? Here we’ll discuss it in…