Optical fiber cable under the sea showing sea creatures nearby

IPGP Will Use FLY-LION3 Fiber Optic Cable for Monitoring Volcanic and Seismic Activities

IPGP Will Use FLY-LION3 Fiber Optic Cable for Monitoring volcanic and Seismic Activities. Telecom service provider Orange and members of the FLY-LION3 consortium (Lower Indian Ocean Network) – the Société Réunionnaise du Radiotéléphone and Comores Câbles – have announced the signing of an agreement with the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) to provide the IPGP’s Mayotte volcano and earthquake monitoring network with a pair of optical fibers.

Basics of DWDM Concepts

Orange Upgrades Long-haul Networks Using Nokia Photonic Control Plane

Orange has completed the migration of its long-haul networks in France and the rest of Europe and Asia to software controlled Photonic Control Plane network using the solutions provided by Nokia. The French Operator, Orange, and Nokia announced the successful full migration of the Long-Distance network in a press release published in the former’s website. A photonic control plane networks…