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An Analysis on Principles and Key Techs of 40G/100G Coherent Optical Communication

As the large-scale deployment of 40Gb/s is carried out, many new 100G/s code modulation formats have emerged in the industry. For various transmission code patterns with different features, based on the comprehensive consideration on parameters of other system design, comprehensive selections are made from perspectives of transmission distance, channel spacing, compatibility with 40Gb/s and 10Gb/s systems, costs of the optical…

low rate optics and high rate optics

What is the Development Trends of Optical Module?

With the continual development of network technology, the communication network is gradually developed toward higher information transmission rate and smaller in the volume of communication devices. While optical transceiver module, as the key part in optical communication, is also inevitably improved in some certain trend. Then what is the trend? In this post, Gigalight will introduce it to you. The…

5G Wireless network

What Does 5G Mean for Optical Communication Industry: Opportunities or Challenges?

With the wave of digital transformation, communication technology has become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life in the national economy. After that 5G is the future of the communication industry. However, what does 5G mean for optical communication industry: opportunities or challenges? Undoubtedly, 5G surely promotes the development of the optical industry….

Optical communication

Introduction to Optical Communication

With the rapid development of society, it seems that optical communication plays a key part in nearly all industry. Whether in one’ daily life or in one’ work, it exists everywhere. Although it’s commonly utilized, and maybe most people haven’t had detailed knowledge of it. Then this article will have an introduction to optical communication in these aspects, such as…