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Openreach Announces “Stop-Sell” Policy of Copper Broadband

British Telecom’s fiber optic broadband deployment wing Openreach has announced a “Stop-Sell” policy to its legacy broadband services thereby promoting its fiber optic broadbands throughout the United Kingdom. The decision to withdraw copper-based broadband services progressively will lead to an ultimate “Withdrawal in full”. Richard Allwood, Chief Strategy Officer wrote in a press statement released on Openreach’s website while announcing…

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Openreach Invests GBP485,000 for Fiber Training School in Scotland

UK’s fiber optic broadband construction company, Openreach announced an investment of GBP485,000 for a national fiber optic training school in Scotland. This training school will educate the country’s next generation of digital engineers bringing vital broadband services to communities across Scotland. The training school will recreate a replica of a live fiber optic network in a street built from scratch….

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Openreach Extends Fiber Broadband to More Premises in Scotland

Openreach in pressrelase stated that it can now work to extend its fiber rollout to more premises across the Scotland by using the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband program. The engineering wing of British Telecom (BT) will connect more premises across Scotland and upgrade to faster fiber optic broadband through the £442 million Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband rollout program. The Digital…

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Openreach to Build FTTP Networks in Greater Glasgow

British Telecomm’s engneering subsidiary, Openreach plans for Fiber to the Premise deployment in Greater Glasgow in Scotland.. Greater Glasgow is the 25th area where Openreach deploys its fiber to the premises. The company targets to connect the premises in 2019 with an aim to reach three million homes and businesses with “full fibre” by the end of 2020. The Chief…

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Openreach Selects Edinburgh for its FTTP Deployment

Scotland’s hilly capital, Edinburgh would be the first city to get wired with Fibre-to-the-Premise network by Openreach. UK’s fibre broadband provider, Openreach in a press release revealed its plan to select Edinburgh for the first place for its FTTP investment. When the Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP), Oliver Mundell visited the deployment sites of Openreach, the company officials revealed their…