Spectranet Selects Nokia GPON Solutions

Nigerian service provider Spectranet selects Nokia GPON Solutions to provide broadband speeds of more than 100 Mbps over fiber to the home and business networks in Nigeria. Spectranet’s customers in Lagos and Abuja will be able to enjoy new ultra-broadband services that demand greater speed and higher bandwidth Nokia GPON solution helps Spectranet better serve its customers by adding FTTH…

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Facebook Supports MainOne Fiber Network in Nigeria

Africa’s leading telecommunication service provider, MainOne has announced a fiber optic network project with the support of Facebook. An open access fiber optic network is planned in Edo and Ogun states of Nigeria. MainOne in a press release stated that the metro fiber infrastructure project in two states of Nigeria will be implemented with the support from Facebook. The infrastructure…

Nigerian govt to roll out 18,000 km of fibre optic cable

Nigerian government is planning to deploy 18,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables in order to make optical connectivity throughout the country so that Nigeria can make itself ready for industrialization. The Nigeria Industrial Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council, set up in March 2017 and running under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, has commenced initiatives to accelerate the country’s industrialisation by installing fiber optic cable nationwide to improve broad band penetration.