Internet cables in a background of illuminated optical fibers

MIH Expects Double Digit Growth

MIH (Myanmar Information Highway) expects to achieve double digit growth this financial year, thanks to the growing demand for high-speed fiber optic broadband services in Myanmar. MIH, a joint venture between Benchachinda Group and local companies, provides broadband Internet services in the country.

Benchachinda to Deploy Fiber Optic Cables in Rangoon

Thailand based broadband Internet company Benchachinda Group is part of a consortium to deploy fiber optic cables in Rangoon, reports local newspapers in Thailand. Benchachinda is a joint venture partner of Telenor to form DTAC in Thailand. Telenor is now one of the leading telecom service providers in Myanmar expanding fiber optic networks rapidly to many cities and villages. Benchachinda…

Telenor and Ooredoo Expand Fiber Optic Networks in Myanmar

Norway based telecommunications operator Telenor says its subscriber base in Myanmar has crossed 10 million. Sources says that Telenor’s competitor in Myanmar, the Qatar based Ooredoo has lesser than 500,000 subscribers. Both Telenor and Ooredoo has been strengthening their networks by installing fiber optic cables across the country. Myanmar started witnessing large scale fiber optic deployments ever since the country…