Optical communication

FiberHome, CICT, and Accelink Demonstrate Petabit Transmission

In a first of its kind experiment in China, a consortium of researchers from CICT (China Information and Communication Technology), FiberHome and Accelink have successfully developed a system capable to transmit at petabit rates. The National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center and the National Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Network China working as the subsidiary of CICT Group…

optical fiber

Sumitomo and Optoscribe Cooperate for Multicore Fiber Components

The UK based Optoscribe and Japan-based Sumitomo Electric have reached to an agreement to cooperate to Multicore Fiber components. The strategic partnership with Optiscribe, which is one of the leading suppliers of 3D glass-based integrated photonics components, and Sumitomo Electric which is one of the leaders in optical fiber, cable and component manufacturing will serve the datacom and telecommunication sectors….