Universal Switching of OTN, Packet and SONET/SDH

GTAC Deploys Infinera mTera Switching and Transport Solution in Mexico

GTAC (Grupo de Telecomunicaciones de Alta Capacidad) in Mexico had started deploying Infinera’s mTera universal switching and transport solution in Mexico. mTera solutions would scale long-haul service capacity and increase the efficiency of high-speed fiber optic backbone network owned by GTAC In Mexico. The mTera solutions from Infinera, deployed in Mexico interconnects major cities including Mexico City, Estado de México,…

Map of Mexico showing the logo of Televisa

Televisa Buys Stakes in Axtel

Mexico’s Televisa has bought shares of Axtel in a Win-Win move for both the companies. Market reports from Mexico confirm the landmark deal between the firms that would redefine the communication service market in the country. According to the agreement, Axtel will sell the residential business in six cities to Televisa. The residential business includes high-speed broadband services delivered over the fiber-optic network.

Furukawa Signs Fiber Cable Supply Contract with Izzi Telecom

Japan based fiber optic product manufacturer Furukawa Electric has announced a contract to provide optical cables and connectivity accessories to Mexican triple play operator Izzi Telecom. The supply contract is valid for two years. Furukawa fiber optic cables and accessories will help Izzi Telecom’s migration activities.

Megacable Deploys FTTH in Queretaro

Leading Mexican cable operator, Megacable Communications says they have invested around US$50 million for the deployment of optical fiber cable and accessories to build FTTH infrastructure in the north-central state of Queretaro. Megacable will deliver telephony (VoIP) and pay-TV (IPTV) services using the optical network. Megacable plans to offer high-speed broadband services to its subscribers over the FTTH network. Broadband…

Fiber Optic News 2015 February 21

Fiber Optic News updates of February 21, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave unveils Lynx2 Splice-On fiber-optic connectors: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) now offers the Lynx2-PLUS CustomFit Splice-On Connectors line. The fiber-optic connectors are designed to … West Virginia Bill Would Bond for Fiber-Optic Lines: A bill before the West Virginia Legislature would provide bond financing to build a state-owned fiber-optic network to bring fast Internet service to rural … 11…

Northern Mexico Gets Fiber Optic Broadband

Kit Carson Electric Co-operative, KCEC is preparing to deploy optical fiber cables to the households in Northern Mexico. The fiber optic broadband project will be funded by the broadband stimulus program. KCEC received USD 63.8 million in grants and loans to deploy high-speed broadband technology in Northern Mexico.