Fiber to the home technology

164 German Municipalities Can Now Surf Internet with 100 Mbps

Thanks to Deutsche Telekom’s continuing improvements and development of its fiber optic networks, 164 Municipalities in Germany can now access to the broadband internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps. By adding 21,600 more households to the list of 100 Mbps service, now a total of 132,000 households in 164 municipalities will get the advantage of the speed enhancement by…

Photo of the Free state of Saxony with trees and a church building

The Free State of Saxony Funds Fiber Deployment in Bautzen

German telecommunication operator Deutsche Telekom has announced the launch of its fiber-optic network in Bautzen district benefitting nearly 56,000 households and businesses in 55 municipalities. Bautzen in east Germany, which is 184 km away from Berlin is known for it’s medieval towers.

NetCologne Expands Fiber Network in Bergheim

German regional network operator NetCologne has connected three more districts of Bergheim to its fiber-optic broadband network. The districts Buesdorf, Fliesteden and Glessen will get fiber optic broadband services from the operator. NetCologne also have plans to deploy fiber optic cables in Rheidt and Huechelhoven. The project is being conducted in co-operation with partner RWE.