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Prysmian Introduces World’s First 180µm Fiber Cable for FTTx and 5G Networks

Optical fibers are getting smaller and smaller to the deployment challenges raised by the applications. As telecom operators also started looking for high fiber count cables in reduced diameters, optical fiber and cable manufacturers have been investing in research and development to realize smaller fibers and cables. Prysmian becomes the first company to release a portfolio of cables that make use of optical fibers having a diameter of 180µm (micrometers). These cables will be deployed for FTTx and 5G networks.

Comparison Between Several Fiber Optic Cable Types

Fiber optic cable, as one of the fast-growing transmission mediums, has gained more and more popularity among users. Admittedly, compared with traditional copper wires, fiber optic cables reduce issue potentialities that are common with traditional copper wires, such as loss and interference. Made of sophisticated glass or plastic, fiber optic cables can send signals over longer distances at higher bandwidths…