Fiber optic training

Openreach Invests GBP485,000 for Fiber Training School in Scotland

UK’s fiber optic broadband construction company, Openreach announced an investment of GBP485,000 for a national fiber optic training school in Scotland. This training school will educate the country’s next generation of digital engineers bringing vital broadband services to communities across Scotland. The training school will recreate a replica of a live fiber optic network in a street built from scratch….

Fiber to the home technology

Understanding the FTTx Network

FTTx technology plays an important role in providing higher bandwidth for a global network. And FTTx (fiber to the x) architecture is a typical example of substituting copper by fiber in high data rate traffic. According to the different termination places, the common FTTx architectures include FTTH, FTTB, FTTP, FTTC, and FTTN. This article will introduce these architectures respectively. What…

fiber optics

Construction Begins for Jasper Fiber Optic Network

Smithville has started construction of the fiber optic network in the city of Jasper. The next generation network to deliver high speed broadband services to the residents and businesses in the city will be built by Smithville Communications and its subsidiary. After completing the multi-year project is complete, Jasper residents will have access to a full gigabit fiber optic network,…