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What Does BASE-“n” Mean for Fiber Optic Transceiver?

The networking is a very complicated field. Especially, when it intertwines with many terms, it’s easy to make beginners get lost in it. In this article, we will explore the Ethernet network naming system as Base-“n” and its applications in fiber optic transceiver. Network Basics Before the subject, there are two terms we need to have a clear mind. The…

RJ45 SFP module

Fiber vs Copper SFP Module: A War or Not?

Having been compared for many years, fiber and copper seem to be competitors. Someone says it has been a lasting war between fiber and copper. Although, copper has been used for a longer time, now, fiber has already made a foothold in the industry of communication. Besides, with the continuous development of copper technology, the difference between copper and fiber…

Fiber optic data links

Introduction to Fiber Optic Data Links

As a communications subsystem, a fiber optic data link connects inputs and outputs (I/O) from electronic subsystems and transmits these signals over fiber optic cables. More specifically, this data link converts an electrical input signal into an optical signal, then sends the optical signal over an optical fiber, and finally converts the optical signal back to an electrical signal, actually…

Patch Cable Selection Guide to Fiber Optic Transceivers 1

Patch Cable Selection Guide to Fiber Optic Transceivers

Nowadays, a huge number of bandwidth-hunger devices are housed in data centers, like clustered storage systems, backup devices, and various servers, which are all connected by networking equipment. These devices need reliable and scalable cabling structure for high performance and flexibility. For some large- or middle-sized enterprises, their billion-dollar business lie in the suitable deployment of fiber patch cords and fiber optic transceivers. Since there are many kinds of patch cables available in the market for transceiver modules to promote data transmission in enterprises’ data centers, it seems a little difficult to choose the right kind for such transceivers. This text tackles this issue and provides some selection guide.

10G Transceiver Module

10G XFP Transceiver – How Much Do You Know?

In modern fiber optic networks, various tools and gadgets which are fundamental to performing smooth networking service have been designed with the latest fiber optic technology. Among these smart inventions, one particular device—fiber optic transceiver, attracts more and more subscribers’ attention. This device has two functions that it’s both a transmitter and receiver which are combined to form a unit…