ECfiber community Vermont

ECFiber Expands Fiber Optic Networks

Vermont’s ECFiber (East Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network) extends its fiber optic networks in the towns of Chelsea and Tunbridge passing about 80 potential subscribers on parts of East Randolph Road, Brook Road, Nicholette Road, Hook Road, Burbank Crossroad, Chelsea Line Road, Dickerman Hill Road, and Whitney Hill Road. ECFiber has shown steady growth in its fiber optic deployment. The current expansion includes deployment of more than 12 kilometers of fiber optic line.

Fiber optics image showing cable and illuminated fibers and connectors

Castlebar, Co. Mayo Gets Fiber Optic Network

Fiber optic networks would be expanded in Castlebar, Co Mayo thus becoming the latest town to receive a fiber optic network from the operator enet. Irish network operator enet will invest 1.5 million euros to construct new fiber optic network in Castlebar, Co Mayo. The deployment of the network is scheduled to be finished by this year November.


Airtel Expands Fiber Optic Networks in Ghana

Cellular mobile service provider Airtel has expanded its fiber optic networks in Ghana. The current network expansion is aimed to provide enhanced user experience to its subscribers across Ghana. Fiber optic networks will provide high speed high bandwidth data delivery in the backbone for the mobile service provider that will give it an edge over its competitors.

fiber optic images fomsn

Rostelecom Expands Networks in Kurgan

Russian telecom operator Rostelecom expanded its fiber optic network in the Kurgan region. Rostelecom covered 3,000 additional households in 29 apartment houses with the GPON network there in the first quarter of 2015. Also, the operator has upgraded its central office in the city of Tobolsk in the Tyumen region. Around 460 houses have started to use digital telephone services…