Fiber Optics: History and Advantages

You may know that the simplest form of fiber optics is a medium used for carrying information from one point to another in the form of light. It consists of a transmitting device, which generates the light signal, fiber optic cables (eg. LC to SC cable) that serve as a conduit for pulses of light to travel over distances, and…

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Comparison Among Twisted Pair, Co-axial Cable and Fiber Optics

In communication systems, massive bundles of wires and cables are used to transport data between servers and other equipment. These cables can be twisted pair cables, co-axial cables, and fiber optic cables. Since all these three types can be applied to network communications, it’s essential to determine which cable type is the best for reliable and efficient data transfer, meaning that a basic understanding of their respective designs and features is necessary. This text aims to compare these three kinds and discuss the differences between them.

Comparison Between Several Fiber Optic Cable Types

Fiber optic cable, as one of the fast-growing transmission mediums, has gained more and more popularity among users. Admittedly, compared with traditional copper wires, fiber optic cables reduce issue potentialities that are common with traditional copper wires, such as loss and interference. Made of sophisticated glass or plastic, fiber optic cables can send signals over longer distances at higher bandwidths…

Fiber Optic Market Update 2015 March 29

CenturyLink plans to equip 505 Utah housing developments with FTTH FierceTelecom reports that CenturyLink has some ambitious plansin Salt Lake City to expand its 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service by bringing it to 505 new multi-unit housing developments this year in Utah. The service provider is not going about it alone in expanding its FTTH service to more residential users….

Saudi Arabia Builds Security System with Fiber Optic Cables

The state establishments are looking for means to reinforce the security measures to protect their interests. Saudi Arabia is suddenly very alarmed at the vulnerability of their long borders with Iraq and Yemen. For generations the main border problem was smugglers. Authorities recalls that since the 1990s the number of smuggling cases have been increasing. Smugglers have started trafficking hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin to Saudi Arabia. Fiber optic cables have been laid to connect border posts and security check points