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Nokia and Sri Lanka Telecom Deploy Fiber Optic Network

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT), one of the leading telecom service providers in Sri Lanka, will deploy a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network based on Nokia’s fiber technology. Supporting its accelerated fiber initiative, the deployment enables SLT to bring new, high-speed broadband services to more than 200,000 enterprise and residential users across the country.

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FS Fiber Optic Cable Types

To date, fiber optic cables have brought high-speed network services to companies, campuses, and homes. And we have discussed fiber optic cables a lot in the past, such as Introduction of Fiber Optic Cable. However, the truth is we have just scratched the surface of this complicated system. Different fiber optic cable types are versatile in the function and installation. Today, we’ll introduce FS fiber…

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Fiber Optic Core-How Much Do You Know About It?

For anyone who wants to know fiber optic cable, it’s a must to know the structure of an optic fiber. An optical fiber consists of three basic parts: the core, cladding, and the coating layer outside the cladding. What is the Core of an Optical Fiber? An optical fiber core is a glass or plastic made cylinder running along the fiber’s…

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Overview of Commonly Used Multimode Fibers

In fiber optic cable market, the demand for single mode fiber and multimode fiber optic cable are increasing rapidly. Both of them are available for higher bandwidth and faster speed connections. Between them, multimode fiber is commonly used for shorter distance data transmission in LAN enterprise and data center applications. However, how much do you know about multimode fiber? Let’s have an overview of multimode…

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Very Effective Method of Fiber Optic Cables Selection

After the distribution network plan is developed, the next step we have to do is the selection of the right fiber optic cable. Remember the bulk of the Fiber Optic Cable installed today is for either telephone or office applications. Industrial sites bring some challenges that are not addressed by many of the common fiber optic cable installation design. Just due to…

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Why Choose Pre-terminated Fiber Pigtail?

In fiber optic cable installation, how to connect cables to the system is the key to the success of the network. If done correctly, the optical signal can pass through the link with low attenuation and little return loss. Fiber pigtail provides an optimal way to connect optical fibers, which is used in 99% single mode applications. What Is Pre-terminated…