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164 German Municipalities Can Now Surf Internet with 100 Mbps

Thanks to Deutsche Telekom’s continuing improvements and development of its fiber optic networks, 164 Municipalities in Germany can now access to the broadband internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps. By adding 21,600 more households to the list of 100 Mbps service, now a total of 132,000 households in 164 municipalities will get the advantage of the speed enhancement by…

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Telekom Upgrades Broadband Speeds in 227 Municipalities

In an attempt to reduce the digital divide between cities and villages, German Telecommunication service provider Deutsche Telekom has upgraded the broadband speeds in 227 villages all over the country. Increased speeds of up to 100Mbps could be accessible by 241,000 households. Deutsche Telekom makes use of its fiber-optic network to deliver broadband services to its subscribers. Telekom offers broadband…

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T Com Upgrades Networks to Enhance Broadband Speeds

Approximately 2.3 million subscribers of Deutsche Telekom (T Com) enjoy the increased speeds of their existing broadband connection, thanks to the network modernization that the incumbent service provider carried out over the past few months.