DAC Cables terminated in metal box

What’s DAC Cable And Why Choose It Over Fiber Transceiver?

Driven by demand for higher speed fiber cables, network cabling has gone through great changes over the years. Cat5e copper cabling and 1000BASE-T have dominated data center interconnection application for years. However, SFP cableĀ becomes a new favorite with less cost and lower power consumption, which is a form of the high-speed cable with pluggableĀ on either end. This direct attach cable…


All You Need to Know about 56G QSFP+ to QSFP+ DAC Twinax Cable

DAC is the short name for direct attach cable. Currently, there are many different types of DAC Twinax cables on the market such as SFP+ DAC Cable and QSFP DAC Cable. Terminated with transceiver-style connectors, they are designed to be used in the same ports as a typical SFP+ or QSFP transceiver, with no need for adaptors or converters, replacing…

Three Useful Fiber Patch Cords and Their Use 1

Three Useful Fiber Patch Cords and Their Use

fiber optic patch cables are also available in several kinds, including single-mode/multi-mode, simplex/duplex, MPO/MTP cable, armored patch cord, and so on. This article aims to introduce the last three useful fiber patch cords and their use.