Optical fiber cable under the sea showing sea creatures nearby

Ciena Upgrades SEA-ME-WE 5 Submarine Fiber Cable System

The networking systems, services and software company, Ciena announces the completion of a major upgrade to the submarine fiber optic cable system SEA-ME-WE 5. The upgrade will support enterprise data exchange, internet TV, and online gaming and results in a 100 percent active capacity increase of the cable. The work was completed ahead of schedule, which had enabled faster broadband access to users along the multi-regional data superhighway. 

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Ciena Provides Coherent Optical Platform and MCP Software to Rakuten

The e-commerce giant Rakuten, which received the license to provide mobile services in Japan deploys Ciena’s Coherent Optical Platform and network management softwares. Rakuten is entering to a highly competitive Japanese telcommunicaiton business sector, whih is considered to be one of the matured markets. Rakuten as an emerging mobile provider in Japan has secured licenses for providing telecommunication services. Japanese…

Fiber Optic News 2015 February 21

Fiber Optic News updates of February 21, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave unveils Lynx2 Splice-On fiber-optic connectors: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) now offers the Lynx2-PLUS CustomFit Splice-On Connectors line. The fiber-optic connectors are designed to … West Virginia Bill Would Bond for Fiber-Optic Lines: A bill before the West Virginia Legislature would provide bond financing to build a state-owned fiber-optic network to bring fast Internet service to rural … 11…