An RJ45 cable with a connector at its end

Do You Know About Cat 8 Cable?

Here is what we need to know about the basics of Cat 8 cabling.


Is It Worthwhile to Use Cat 7 Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet cables provide a stable internet connection between electrical devices, which are standardized cables to facilitate easy communication between disparate electronic equipment. These electronic devices can either be fax machines, printers, scanners, or personal computers. Ethernet cables can be categorized into several types based on different specifications. Category 7 Ethernet cable, also refers to Cat 7, which is the wire…

Color Code Standard of Ethernet Cable – T-568B and T-568A 1

Color Code Standard of Ethernet Cable – T-568B and T-568A

Ethernet cables are the standard cables used for almost all purposes that are often called patch cables. In an article “How to Choose Ethernet Cable”, we know that Ethernet cables can be categorized into many types, like straight-through and crossover Ethernet cable, UTP or STP, Cat5 or Cat6, etc. But we know little about the pins and wiring in Ethernet cables and RJ45 plugs.

Cat6 and Cat6a Cables: Comparison & Differences

Probably one of the most frequently-asked questions in the telecommunication market are which cable performs better and why is it. Such questions are likely to cause much confusion, becoming a commonplace for those staff who work on cabling installation projects. Some cabling installers even argue against each other and keep their own instances on the better cable that they think…