How to Build Affordable 10G Network for Small and Midsize Business

With the fast development of today’s networking field, many people tend to build 10G network in small and midsize business for their growing network needs. Then, why they choose 10G network? How to build an affordable one? If you want to build such a network, what things you should know? Don’t worry. Let’s find all the answers in the following text.

MLAG-Application in frame

Do you need MLAG for your network?

In recent years, networking has witnessed a rapid development. Enterprises have been equipped with the hyper-converged infrastructure. It is no wonder they are hunting for solutions to meet the next generation Metro, Data Center and Enterprise network requirements. In this post, we will introduce one of the most popular solutions to enhance the network capacity: MLAG. An Overview of MLAG…


How to build 10G Network Within Budget

Modern business has become increasingly digital for cloud and data center application, which means everything from sales and marketing to service and support, rely heavily on a fast and reliable network. In 2017, the Gigabit Ethernet data rate is no longer adequate to support your business in the ever-developing digital world. Therefore, more and more people nowadays prefer to migrate…