Traditional switch vs bare metal switch

Will Bare Metal Switch Be Popular in 100G Data Center?

Nowadays, the requirement for bandwidth and transmission speed in data centers is increasing strikingly. To meet the demand for it, networking industries are moving toward a new direction. Focuses previously changing from 1G, 10G and 40G are now shifting to 100G. Therefore, 100G is the trend of data center. According to a report by Dell’Oro Group, bare metal switch vendors lost share in the 100G data center switching market in 2018 while traditional vendors, such as H3C, Cisco and Huawei, gained. Do you agree with that? Let’s take a look at what the bare metal switch is and whether it will be popular in 100G data center?

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200G and 400G: Which One Will Be the Rising Star in the Market after 100G optics?

With the rapid development of optical communication and Internet in recent years, users’ demand for the network has also surged, which leads to the rapid growth of Telecom backbone traffic at a speed of 50% to 80% per year. In order to follow the development trend of 10G-40G-100G/10G-25G-100G in the optical communication market, 100G optical module arises with the trend…

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How About the Prospect of 100G Optical Transceiver Market?

The topics about 100G optical transceivers are involved in the previous articles. If you still know little of it, then the topic about it will be kept on. In the development process of the 100G optical transceiver, the main problems are high cost, high power consumption on the port. In some sense, these problems are impossible to avoid whether it…

main types of QSFP28 optics 100G SR4, 100G PSM4, 100G LR4, and 100G CWDM4

Can QSFP+ Optics Be Plugged on the Port of QSFP28?

100G Ethernet is developed at a fast pace. With the prevalence of 100G network, various issues happen in the process of network establishment. For example, 100G QSFP28 optics commonly used in daily life can be available for 10kms transmission distance in 100G applications via WDM tech. However, there is a non-negligible fact that the price of a WDM device is…

CFP vs CFP2 vs CFP4

A Comprehensive Introduction to 100G Optics

These years, the deployment of the 100G network has been the development focus of the optical interconnect industry, which contributes to the fast development of 100G optics in data center markets. Currently, the 100G optical module mainly consists of CXP optics, CFP, CFP2, CFP4optical module and QSFP28 optical transceiver. Then this post will have a comprehensive introduction to 100G optic fiber…

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Introduction to 100G Optics – CFP and QSFP28 Transceivers

2015 witnessed the prosperity of the telecom market. Many research company predicts that the market of 2016 for the telecommunication field will continue to thrive. With such a bright future, the fiber optic market attracts wide attention and many vendors want a piece of the pie. At present, 40G is ubiquitous in the data center and 100G is accelerating. As…