100G optics Type

Something New about 100G Optical Transceiver in These Perspectives

As the network is gradually upgraded from 25G-40G-100G, people have more demands on the 100G optical transceiver to deploy data centers or Ethernet. Maybe most people are familiar with 100G optical transceiver module on account that it is widely applied in daily life. However, if we know it from these other perspectives, something new will be found. Then there is…

CFP vs CFP2 vs CFP4

What Are the Differences Between QSFP28 and CFP Optics?

With the upgrade of the optical network from 10G to 100G, the development trend of 10G-25G-100G/10G-25G-50G-100G starts to prevail in the optical market. In the development process of 100G optical transceivers, their form factor type and standard are developed according to the cost and power consumption, which are regarded as the main drive in the development of the interconnect market….

qsfp28 cwdm4

Things You Should Know about QSFP28 CWDM4

It’s known that QSFP28 optics play a key part in current 100G Ethernet, in which 2 km 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 stands out. To some degree, its appearance satisfies the requirements for both low cost and long transmission distance in the data center. Today, this article will have an introduction to 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 in these aspects, such as CWDM4 MSA,…

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Tips On Choosing QSFP28 Optical Transceivers

In current optical components markets, cost-effective 100G QSFP28 optical transceiver modules are in great demand, especially QSFP28 optical transceivers with low-cost form factor tech, widely utilized in the data center, LAN, WAN, Ethernet switches. However, among these optic fiber modules, which one is the most suitable for 100G Ethernet? Well, this article will introduce tips on choosing QSFP28 optical transceivers….

qsfp28 psm4 optics

Things You Should Know about PSM4

In the current interconnection market, 100G QSFP28 transceiver has become a common trend of Ethernet due to its higher bandwidth, high data rate, lower cost and so on. To further keep pace with the market demands, many series of QSFP28 optical transceivers come into the data center, such as QSFP28 100GBASE-SR4/LR4, QSFP28 100GBASE-PSM4, QSFP28 100GBASE-CWDM4 and so on, in which…

QSFP28 transceiver

CPAK Vs. CFP/CFP2/CFP4 Vs. QSFP28 100G Transceiver Modules

100G QSFP28 and CFP optical transceivers as the main transmission media of the 100G network, dominate the 100G hardware market. CPAK launched right after CFP2 100G modules, is the Cisco proprietary form factor. Since its certification, CPAK was considered as the alternative of CFP form factor modules. Today’s article will describe the CPAK 100G module in detail and compare it with…