FirstPath to Deploy Submarine Fiber Optic Cable in Sydney Harbor

Australia based private owned internet service provider FirstPath has revealed their plans to lay submarine fiber optic cables across the Sydney Harbor. World leading fiber optic product manufacturer Prysmian supplies the high count high capacity undersea fiber optic cable to FirstPath. What is special with the current deployment is the high fiber count fiber optic cable for submarine use. Generally…

Optical fiber cable under the sea showing sea creatures nearby

ASN Announces Record Distance in Submarine Fiber Optic Communication

Alcatel-Lucent says their submarine cable division Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN) has achieved a technological record for subsea communications by extending the reach of unrepeatered cable systems at 100 Gbps to more than 610 kilometers using the same optical fiber for both signal and amplifier transmission. Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks technology used a single 100 gigabit-per–second channel over a single fiber which allows for significant operational savings. Current submarine fiber optic systems have an un-repeatered distance of up to 500 kilometers.

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Submarine Cable System to Connect Australia and MEA

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks and GoTo Networks have signed a turnkey contract agreement to build Australia West Express, the first submarine fiber optic cable system to connect Australia with Middle East and African countries. Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN) is a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent and GoTo Networks is a developer and operator of submarine fiber optic cables systems. The total length estimated for the submarine link is 10,500 kilometers when it connects Perth in Australia to the Djibout in Africa. This new submarine route will handle data traffic between Australia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

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Russian Navy Disturbs Lithuanian Submarine Fiber Cable Installation

Lithuania claims that its submarine cable installation has been thwarted by the Russian Navy’s bullying behavior. The Russian navy has been accused of deliberately disrupting the construction of an undersea fiber optic cable and power cable that will connect Lithuania and Sweden. Leading construction company ABB designed the cable system named NordBalt cable. This will be the world’s longest high…

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Alcatel-Lucent to Build Orval Submarine Fiber Optic Link

Alcatel-Lucent will construct the Orval submarine fiber optic cable network in Algeria. Alcatel-Lucent and the Algerian Ministry of Post, Information Technology and Communications, have signed a turnkey agreement for the deployment of the Orval system. The submarine fiber optic link spans over 560 km will link Oran in Algeria to Valencia, Spain. Submarine network construction is expected for completion in…

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Hetzner invests in Submarine Fiber Link

Germany based web hosting provider and datacenter operator Hetzner Online invests in a new fiber optic submarine cable link. This will enhance Hetzner’s business prospects by having more control on the network which it utilizes for its own services and also by expanding its hands to reach into the management of data delivery networks. Cinia Group Oy has signed a…