SFP Slot Definition and Its User Guideline

It is obvious that optical transceiver is widely used in telecommunication and data center. Speaking of this, SFP module is inevitably involved. However, have you ever heard of SFP and SFP slot? Do you have any idea about how to use SFP slots? If not, read through this post to find what SFP slot is and how to use it….

Seven layers in OSI model

What Is a Multilayer Switch and How to Use It?

With the increasing diversity of network applications and the implementation of some converted networks, the multilayer switch is thriving in data centers and networks. It is regarded as a technology to enhance the network routing performance on LANs. This article will give a clear explanation for multilayer switch and how to use it. What Is a Multilayer Switch? The multilayer…

diagram showing router, modem etc

Modem vs Router: What’s the Difference?

Modems, routers, hubs and network switches are widely used in building a network. When it comes to setting up a Wi-Fi network, it’s necessary to know what kind of network equipment you need. A modem and a router are the foundation of your Wi-Fi network. A modem can connect you to the Internet, while a router can connect your devices to…

a diagram showing the comparison of unmanaged, websmart and managed switches

Switch Definition In Networking Explained

When it comes to networking technology, we won’t miss Ethernet switches. Because it is an essential part of networking communication. Connecting devices, such as computers, routers, and servers, together on a network, it enables current to be turned on and off and selects a channel for data transmission. Then you may ask, what is the switch definition in networking? What are the types of…

photos of 10GBASE -T transceivers

What Is 10GBASE-T and Why Is It Important?

With the arrival of 10Gbe speed for the Ethernet, all sorts of matching applications spring up one by one. For these applications, the 10GBASE-T technology is one of the most commonly used technologies supporting 10Gbe Ethernet. In this post, we are going to explore this technology. Firstly, we will solve the question: what is 10GBASE-T? What Is 10GBASE-T  Technology? Actually, the…


Cisco Transceiver Module: GLC-T vs GLC-TE

Cisco SFP transceiver modules have become exceedingly popular with the widespread of Cisco routers and switches. GLC-T and GLC-TE are the two types of Cisco SFP transceiver module. Since the name GLC-T and GLC-TE are quite similar, many end users may be confused. So are they the same one? Here we’ll focus on GLC-T vs GLC-TE to help find the answer. GLC-T…